Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to have my own hosting or give you access to my website hosting?
No, you do not! We host the funnels for you so you don't have to worry about handing over any passwords, or worrying about any of the techy side of things.

How does The Chiro Launchpad System work?
Our Chiro Launchpad System is a series of marketing funnels that you use to automate communication with potential patients and new patients as they decide to begin care in your office.

Our symptom funnels are a mobile-optimized web page that you can pull up on your phone when you're out in the community and you notice people with symptoms, or people at a screening mention specific symptoms. You have them enter their details, and our system will send out a series of emails presenting you as an attractive character and priming these new leads on liking you and getting their symptoms fixed through chiropractic.

Our ribbon-cutting funnel allows you to gather the names and emails of the people you connect with prior to launching your practice, so that when it comes time for your ribbon-cutting, you're not trying to remember who to call or email.

Lastly, our New Patient funnel allows you to automate the emails you send to your new patients, which includes important information, the new patient intake form they need to fill out, and more.

Do I have to set up anything?
Once you've paid for your funnels, you will have access to our membership area which presents you with descriptions for all of our funnels. Within each description is a onboarding form where you can choose which funnels you want, sent us the necessary information we need to create it for you. Then, we'll complete the funnels within 5 business days, and they will be ready for you to begin using to automate your followup emails to grow your practice.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we do! While we don't offer a refund on our one-time setup fee, we do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our monthly service fee. Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with The Chiro Launchpad System, but we also expect you to give your very best effort to driving leads to your sales funnels and implementing a lead follow-up process. We only want to work with action takers who are fully committed to improving their chiropractic business. That’s why you must submit proof that The Chiro Launchpad System did not work for you in order to be eligible for our 90-day Money Back Guarantee. Simply submit your refund request to, along with clear evidence of your effort, to our team within 90 days and we’ll promptly refund the service fee in full. We reserve the right to offer a partial refund at our own discretion. We reserve the right to refuse refunds.

Is it okay if my ribbon-cutting isn't for another 6 or more months?
Yes! It is definitely okay, and in fact, that will work even better for you. That way, if you start now, you'll be able to capture and save contact information for the people you come into contact with right now using The Chirolaunchpad Ribbon-Cutting Funnel, and you will automatically be able to notify them as your ribbon-cutting gets closer. The more time you have to network and connect with those in your community, the better!

Will people know that I am using The Chiro Launchpad System for marketing?
Nope! Any of the marketing funnels you purchase from us will be fully branded with your logos, your brand colors, and will look like it is from you. While we are proud of our services, our funnels are to make you and your practice shine!

Will Chiro Launchpad work on ________________ mobile device?
As long as your mobile device has a web browser, The Chiro Launchpad System funnels will work on your device. We utilize web pages that function like mobile phone apps so that your marketing funnels can be accessed from your mobile device, no matter what brand it is.
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